Kathak Class Details

Classes are currently held online

Once restrictions lift, classes will be held in the Bay Area in South Bay/Peninsula 


MONDAYS: 6:00PM-7:00PM



FRIDAYS: 6:00PM-7:00PM

SUNDAYS: 9:00AM-10:00AM & 3:00PM-5:00PM


Beginners: $30/hr 

Intermediate: $45/hr 

Advanced: $65/hr 

Once a week

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What is Kathak?

Kathak has its origins in northern India and is usually performed on Hindustani classical music. The name "Kathak" is derived from the Sanskrit words "kathakaar" which means story which means story-teller. "Katha" means story and "kaar" means teller. This was later shortened to "kathaks" to describe these story-tellers and this form of story-telling.

There are three main Gharanas (styles) of Kathak

  • Jaipur gharana

  • Lucknow gharana

  • Benaras gharana


Each gharana has its own pecularities and style with the basis of the dance form remaining the same.


Class Structure at Nrutyakruti

Classes are currently being held online once a week and are divided into three tracks - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


  • Introduction of teentaal in vilambit laya 

  • Tatkaar / footwork in teentaal - Thah (slow speed) and Dugun (double speed)

  • Introduction to chakkars

  • Todas

    • ​Simple todas

    • Chakradar todas

  • Simple kavit - mukut, murli

  • Thaat

  • Tihai

  • Ganesh vandana

  • Recite teentaal theka 

  • Recite thah, dugun and chaugun of teentaal  theka on hands


Intermediate level includes all the above with more complexity of movements added with the following

  • Madhaya laya in teental

  • Complex todas

  • Gat nikas

  • Paran

  • Aamad

  • Introduction to jhaptal 

    • Toda​

    • Tihai

  • Shiv stuti​


Advanced level includes all the above with advanced movements

  • Dhrut laya in teental

  • Advanced todas

  • Gat nikas

  • Paran-judi aamad

  • Advanced jhaptal 

  • Introduction to dhamaar taal

  • Bhajan